Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuna Concoction.

Century Tuna Lite in Hot&Spicy
With my notebook of random writings: recipes, korean cheatsheets, quotes, thoughts, booklists.

Gardenia Classic rubbed with Garlic& sprinkled with fresh garlic bits

Tuna.Fresh Tomatoes.Onion.Salt.Pepper.

Love oranges.

Nestea Iced Tea Four Seasons Lychee Flavor. The two real lychees are for presentation purposes, not added to the juice but was consumed right after.

Presentation effect :)
Variety from the normal tuna sandwich we make.

Century Tuna Lite Hot&Spicy.Gardenia Classic.Fresh Tomatoes.Onion.Garlic.Vinegar.Salt.Pepper.Oranges.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One with the Sun

Taken at WinSam Studios for Sir Winston Baltasar’s Advance/Strobist Photography Class.

One of my friends took Sir Winston's classes and when Sir Winston needed models for his next workshop, my friend asked us. Being interested in photography myself and the love of having my photos taken (hitting two birds with one stone ^_^) I agreed together with some of my officemates. This is the second time we modelled for his class. I don't really like how my legs look here (me being my own critique ;p ) but I love how my eyes look and the color of the photo. This was taken sunset and no editing was done (only the watermark) in this photo. I know because I saw the photo from the LCD of the camera after this was taken.

For those interested with his workshops, you may check it at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nail Art: Flowersticks

Did my nails in the office while waiting for some reports to load. Lol.
I used local polishes Bobbie (Premium line in Margarita) and Sassy Colors (dont know the its reddish with sparkles)

I wanted to do gradient but I have nothing to use to do that effect so I did a sort of two-toned polish.

1. Apply 2-3 coats of the pink polish
2. Apply the red polish on 1/3 of each nails
3. Top with another coat of the pink polish to make it look a bit gradient-ish
4. Design the flowers. (I used Dashing Diva Nail Art polish in white)
5. Used the red polish for the center of the flowers.
6. Apply top coat. (I used Cutex top coat )

Excuse the stubby fingers. Yes. Those are my hands.Lol.

These are my flirty nails of the week that matches with my flirty curls! Haha.

Oh. This was last weeks nails.
It's 5day old. Dont know why I bothered posting it. Hihi.

ONE Naturales Berry Delicious Shea Butter Lipbalm

Was strolling Watson's with my cousin's girlfriend last week and saw this stand with pretty things in paper boxes. I'm a sucker for paper boxes or anything that looks like Papemelroti (store that sells recycled paper stuff).

Check out the cool packaging.

I stopped and checked it out. I was supposedly on a lipbalm-buying-ban since I received way too many lip balm tubes last Christmas plus the fact that I still have loads of glosses to use but I can't stop sniffing this goody.

Tin can is too cute to pass for. However, I find it unhygienic because you keep stuffing your fingers onto the tub and I'm not too fond of keeping my hands clean which is a very very bad habit, i know. Though I would not have bought it if its in a tube instead of a tub like this. :)

Smells of sweet strawberries and I was sniffing it like crazy until I went to the counter and paid a good P199 pesos for something I dont need but definitely want.

Texture is a bit waxy like any normal balm. Looks kinda wet on the photo below, mustve moistened inside my bag after being in an airconditioned office.
Currently, this is the most used lipbalm from all the army of balms I have.
Moisturizes the lips well and it does live up to its tag line "For sweet kissable lips" :)

The line's got other flavors I wasnt able to take note of except this one with the coconut. And they have shampoos and bath products as well.
Go check out ONE Naturales at Watsons ^__^

Friday, January 7, 2011


After years of deliberating with my own judgement whether to perm or not to perm, i jumped in the wagon! I decided it's time to be a bit risky (i have always been on the safe side) and what better way to start the year than with a new hair! big smiles ^_____^

This is my straight from shower, jeepney-ride-dry hair. haha. my friend took this picture before the treatment and this made me think of not going through the perm anymore. lol.

I just had to take a photo while in this. haha.
Bang's Tony and Jackey
West of Ayala Makati Branch
I had my rebond done at the same salon 2 years back and a haircut probably a year ago. (Yes, I dont do haircuts regularly. Hihi. ) I trust the stylists since based on experience, they know what they're doing and I got good outcome. No other place to have my first perm but here :)

Loooovvee it!
Loreal Extenso Digital Perming Packag
Arte Herba Manicure
Keratin Treatment
Original Price is 9700
Promo Price is 5000

You can opt for the Korean treatment instead of Loreal for P3000 only.
Check out to see other promos available.

Thanks to Senior Stylist Ria and the rest of the staff :)

Now, I just need me a shampoo for curled hair and serum and all those stuff :)
Sigh, the spending never ends, my pockets are drained. Lol.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hungry for the Hunger Games Trilogy!

I am freaking our right now. I just learned that The Hunger Games trilogy is already available in a boxes set at National Bookstore!! Why only now????

I already have the first book which is Hunger Games in paperback and I have been patientlyyyy waiting for the paperback versions of Catching Fire and Mockingjay which are still not available as of this writing.

This news excites and upsets me at the same time. Excites because its an effin complete set available and within my reach! Upsets because since I already have Hunger Games, I dont want to end up with 2 copies of the same book. Not practical at all. :(

So unless I go gaga when I see the set at the bookstore and succumb to buying the whole set.. Id prefer, while on my normal state of mind, to wait for the individual paperback copies..sigh..

For those interested in getting the boxed set..below is the link to the page in National Bookstore, or just drop my the stores and check if they have them in stock. Enjoy reading while I sit in a corner of envy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Haul; F21,Mango,ZARA

Ive been super stressed because of work lately. The last week that passed was the most stressful of all so over the weekend I decided to treat myself to shopping. If my credit card can talk I bet it wouldnt want me to be that stressed again! Lol. Here's what I got...

Saturday loot... Forever 21.
gray casual dress from I love H81
teal leggings, gray leggings (not in the pic)
moss green and light purple Tshirt
(all for P 1,7xx )

I love tshirts. During lazy days (which is almost everyday), i resort to just wearing Tshirts and jeans/leggings. I go for comfort most times. Luckily, our office allows casual wear, all day everyday! As for the leggings, i adore them. Leggings are one of my faves because they're super duper easy to wear. Unlike my struggle when wearing jeans. *_*


Mango fever!
red mango blouse (P890 from P1850)
purplish blue cardigan (P590 from P1250)
mango jeans Miriam ( P1290 from P2750) Lizzy (P1290 from P2250)

I'm "lamigin" (gets cold easily), that's why cardigans are a must to protect me from chilly ACs.
these are my first mango jeans, i love them! i better scout for future sales to get more of their jeans.

i love ZARA!
gray embroidered blouse from the TRF collection (P995 from P1690)
beige long sleeved knitwear (P495 from P895)
brown cardigan (P495 from i dont know how much)
black basic slacks (pants) ( P995 from P1990)

ZARA is still on sale until end of month. Not sure about Mango.