Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuna Concoction.

Century Tuna Lite in Hot&Spicy
With my notebook of random writings: recipes, korean cheatsheets, quotes, thoughts, booklists.

Gardenia Classic rubbed with Garlic& sprinkled with fresh garlic bits

Tuna.Fresh Tomatoes.Onion.Salt.Pepper.

Love oranges.

Nestea Iced Tea Four Seasons Lychee Flavor. The two real lychees are for presentation purposes, not added to the juice but was consumed right after.

Presentation effect :)
Variety from the normal tuna sandwich we make.

Century Tuna Lite Hot&Spicy.Gardenia Classic.Fresh Tomatoes.Onion.Garlic.Vinegar.Salt.Pepper.Oranges.

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